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Roper’s Rainbow


🎶Come and knock on my door…

When I opened this shipment with all the colors mixed together, I immediately thought “Mrs. Roper” and laughed that a reference 40 years old would pop in my head so quickly.  And my second thought was “Not sure that’s Purlsmith style.”

But then I discovered that they slide onto a 8mm/ US 11 needle so well (and actually might fit a bit bigger needle) and they are very lightweight in a bright, fun Roperesque rainbow. 

An enameled white daisy charm seemed just the perfect bor stitch marker to complete the set. There was such a huge reaction to the Magic Buses I thought, why not.

This set includes 5 Mother of Pearl circles - pink, green, purple, turquoise, &  yellow and 1 enameled Daisy charm stitch marker.

Please select either a Removable/opening loop or a Super Bulky loop, both of which work well on a US 11.

I have the renovables in both shiny copper and silver plate. I have the super bulky in antique copper or silver plate.


Daisy Charm Loop