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Last Chance

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Inspiration for this year’s Advent Kit came from the gorgeous photo after gorgeous photo of hand-dyed yarn in my Instagram feed. What is it about those skeins that is so enticing?

It’s the color!

Saturated, rich, bright - I wanted this advent to have it all. The whole spectrum, well not exactly the usual spectrum colors you’d expect but the whole range. I’ll be searching near & far to find colors that are as exciting as that gorgeous skein of hand-dyed yarn you see at your favorite lys. I always look for new colors that have never been in the Purlsmith lineup (although that is getting increasingly difficult). However, I can promise you that there won’t be any repeats of last year’s and this colorway will be decidedly brighter. See the inspirational photo for a clue.

Honestly, what’s one of the next most tantalizingly colorful items? Ribbons. Velvet, grosgrain, satin and embroidered - the color combinations are just the next best thing to yarn. So why not mix the two?

Luxe, is the complete vision. I’m hoping I’ve earned your trust with each of the previous meticulously curated kits that I don’t have to give everything away this year and can leave some elements for surprise.

What I can tell you is that the Luxe Kit will have 25 individually packaged & numbered pearl stitch marker/charms -these little packages would be gorgeous strung on a ribbon on display.

Each day of the Luxe Kit will also feature a 1 yd length of a gorgeous, high end, colorful ribbon tied in a lovely little “skein” perfect for display or storage until they're ready to be used. 

25 - 1 yd lengths of ribbon that you likely would never take the time to curate and would likely never buy because you’d have to buy a whole spool imported from France or beyond.

This kit is finished with some secret extra special touches and of course all the gorgeous trim that Purlsmith advents are known for.

 My hope is that you enjoy the adventure into color with pearls and ribbons. Maybe you’ll come away with some new color mixes to try in your next cast on. You’ll definitely come away with some gorgeous ribbon to finish that steek seam, add to a sewing project, or just enjoy as a collection.


*****Please note - all advents must be ordered separately in their own order with nothing else. If they are not, your order will be refunded and you will be asked to order again. Also this year as I’m losing a second free advent assembler to college, I can not honor any special requests for additional loop sizes or metals. 


shipping is not included. Please note- this item will ship in early November in plenty of time for a Dec 1 start.