For the Love of Tiny Packages - Knitting

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Who doesn't love opening tiny, tissue paper packages?

This is the "treatiest" of the Valentine's Day Kits.

The same gorgeous packaging holding everything in the For the Love of Knitting, but with added goodies of the candle, chocolate and treat variety - all sourced from artisan pnw makers.

Includes: 14 tissue paper packages - perfect for a countdown to Valentine's- each containing everything in the For the Love of Knitting Kit:

* A set of 6 soldered silver heart markers - 5 plain loops & 1 pearl marker - fits up to & including US 2

* 3 Silver Plated Hand-stamped Charm markers - one with a red Swarovski heart, 1 with pink and 1 with stamping only - on Removable loops 

* Set of 3 Pearl Markers on copper Aran sized- mixed colors

* Set of 3 Pearl Markers on silver worsted sized mixed colors

* Anti Tarnish Fabric Lined Screw-top Tin

* Polishing Cloth


* 1 Hand-stamped Copper Stitch Marker- Removable/Progress Keeper

* 4oz artisan Soy wax Candle

* Artisan treats including something to nibble, sip, & savor

If you would like to add addtional items to your box, such as a pendant necklace, please add it to your order and add a note to your order telling me to include it in your box so you can have one more package to open.

****For the crochet lovers - please see the For the Love of Crochet Box

Thanks for looking.

Unlike the advent box, this price does NOT include shipping.

Boxes will be mailed out by January 27th at the latest.

I am happy to include a handwritten gift card if you add a gift message to your order,