2024 Jewelry Lover Elemental Countdown Kit

2024 Jewelry Lover Elemental Countdown Kit

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2024 Jewelry Lover’s Elemental Countdown Kit

This version of the kit is for the jewelry enthusiast.

Each day, open a little numbered envelope that will contain a genuine freshwater pearl, gemstone or glass charm made into your choice of a charm or a pair of earrings.

There are necklace and bracelet options that you can add on, if you choose. These items will be packed within the kit.

The color theme is rich & dark contrasted with brighter colors. It is loosely based on the image. I realize that yellow & orange pearls are the least popular so those colors will not be a major component of the theme.

There is no mention of yarn or knitting in these kits.


Increased options including: 8, 12, 21 & 25 days to fit Advent, Solstice & Hanukkah celebrations.

However, kits will not mention any holidays within so you can allow your preference of duration or budget to make the selection.

✨Want to open 3 envelopes a day for Hanukkah? Select the 25 day

✨Budget tight? Select the 8 day



Options include all the classics: Silver Plated & Copper - both with a tarnish resistant coating and Antique Copper.

 New this year - Gold filled/Plated.


Please note

* I have increased options this year and am not able to taken any special requests for different options.

* All kits will be mailed in early November to ensure they are in your hands for the start of your celebration. 


Use this listing for the Jewelry Lovers kits.

Elemental - use this kit for the classic kit as in previous years.

Gold - Use this listing to order a classic style kit with gold plated/filled as your metal

Double - Use this kit if you would like 2 removable stitch markers in each envelope matched as closely as possible so they can be used as earrings and you are a fiber lover.

Jewelry Lover - Use this option for the non knitting jewelry lover. There is no mention of knitting or yarn in the kit at all. Inspired by my daughters, this is an option for a daily charm or a pair of earrings in a numbered envelope.