Rambouillet Bangle

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Named for the curved horns of a Rambouillet ram, this bangle is sleek & elegant.

Wear it alone or load it with pearls.

Pearls slide easily onto the curve and around to the opposite side. Once fastened, the clasp keeps the pearls on the bangle.

Pearls can slide down the length of the bracelet or can stay in the loop.

Made with your choice of thick 12 gauge, non tarnish coated, sterling silver plated or copper wire.

The piece is buffed with a wax that, in combination with the coating on the wire, will help keep it shiny.

This listing is for the bangle alone. No pearl markers are included.

It measures at 7 1/2” to fit most wrists.

If you are concerned about it being too small or large you’re welcome to send me your preferred size snd I will size it accordingly.

Comes packaged in a gift box tied with a yarn bow.